Friday, 6 January 2017

Favourite food: Nasi lemak

Hello. Today is a very special blog. I will be talking about my favourite food: nasi lemak from Malaysia.  Nasi lemak is really a breakfast dish in Malaysia, but people there still eat it any time of day (lucky Malaysians).

Nasi lemak at C&R Restaurant. January 2015
I love nasi lemak. It is Malaysia's national dish, and its most iconic food. It consists of coconut rice, cucumber, samba (a Malaysian spicy chilli sauce), an egg (which can be fried or boiled), and crispy anchovies mixed with peanuts.

C&R Cafe is a restaurant down a small alley called Rupert Court in London's Chinatown. It serves many dishes from Malaysia and Singapore but my favourite of course is the Nasi Lemak.  My neighbour Andrew who helps edit my blog got me a nasi lemak voucher at C&R for my 10th B-day:  that's me in the photo above, cashing in my voucher. They add a really nice chicken curry to the basic dish. Probably my most memorable present yet.

Nasi lemak with my dad at Malaysia Night in Trafalgar Square. September 2015, age 10
At Trafalgar Square a Malaysian food festival comes every year and I love the food and atmosphere there. I always have 2x Nasi Lemak with beef rendang and roti (I will do a separate post about roti soon).  My dad also loves nasi lemak and tags along with me and Andrew.  Ok now we can talk about my face in this photo. It's because Miss Malaysia came on stage and I loved the outfit. Remember this was 2015.

Nasi lemak for Sunday breakfast with Nat at C&R. February 2016, age 11
Last year I think I achieved one of the best things ever: getting my best friend Nat (#pickyeater) to eat a crispy anchovy. It was at C&R, when they used to do Malaysian breakfast at the weekend.  I had nasi leak, with fried chicken. They don't do the breakie anymore but it was fab.

Thank you for reading

Maliq the good eater

Thanks @theandrewhumphrey for taking the photos and for paying my bill at C&R.


  1. Yeah sure it was Miss Malaysia's outfit you liked...

  2. Maliq! What an excellent blog! My mouth starts to water just reading this and I am slightly jealous of all the great food choices you've got near you. Carry on keeping the rest of us informed!

    1. Thank you sooo much for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy what is coming.

      Maliqthe good eater

  3. Enjoyed reading your blog Maliq, made me very hungry too. Too bad we don't have Malaysian food in Turku. Kerp the blogs flowing, I will be a happy reader.


  4. Kiitos kiitos Rami. Ensi keralla kun mä tuun suomeen mä voin tuoda malaysialaista ruokaa turkuun

    Maliq the good eater