Monday 13 February 2017

Lahore Kebab House: our family favourite

Lahore Kebab House is a Pakistani restaurant in Aldgate, East London.  Lahore is the Capital city of the Pakistani province of Punjab.  Pakistani food is very much like Indian food.  It consists if lamb, samosas etc. The location of Lahore Kebab House is very easy to get to as it is quite central in London.

This is one of my family favourites. We go there at least once a month.

The outside makes it look scruffy and bad but trust me now. It's goood food.

It is very busy at times with Pakistani people and English people.

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In most of these photos I am eating lamb chops. They are delicious. They are my family fave and will never forget to order them!!

In the other photo, top right, me and my sis are eating lovely samosas. They have delicious seasoned mince beef and a crispy crust .

Another favourite is Nihari. Nihari is a traditional slow cooked lamb wich is so tender that if you touch it it falls of the bone. Nihari is only served on wedenesday to sunday ao dont turn up on the wrong day as we did. There is always footy or cricket on the box every time we go th ere.This makes it double up to be a sports bar😂

All my family say the same thing-'its gooooood food'

Lahore Kebab House, 2-10 Umberston Street, London E1 1PY 
Their website has some funky music -- turn up the volume!