Wednesday 31 May 2017

Top 10 Orlando Eats: The Top 5

Welcome to the Top 5 of the Orlando eats. Sorry it is a couple days late -- I have had a very busy week.

5.  Steak at Cuba Libre

This immaculate steak is tender, crispy and has an amazing sauce coating. For me this steak has the lot. This Cuban restaurant is in a Pointe Plaza Orlando (a shopping mall).

Anyway back to the dish. The steak was covered in a rich and light sauce which enlightened my mind. The plantains were amazingly caramelised and the black bean sauce was absolutely fabulous.

4.  Steak at Bahama Breeze

Ooh Bahama Breeze...

The reason I say that is because I went there twice and the first time I went sorry Bahama Breeze but the food was horrible. I had a jerk chicken sandwich. However on the second night I had a steak which was absolutely amazing. It blew my mind how good this dish was compared to the jerk chicken sandwich. It came with a yellow rice and caremalised plantains once again.

3.  English Muffin at Dunkin Donuts

I love McDonalds breakfast:  egg and cheese mcmuffin. It is just amazing. Anyway, on the first day I arrived at Orlando I noticed a Dunkin Donuts which I had seen many times on TV and knew straight away I wanted to go there.

I saw an English muffin with egg and cheese on the menu and knew straight away it was my destiny to eat it. It was of course not as good as Mcdonalds' but it was amazing. I did find it hard to not call it a McMuffin when ordering though.

2.  Pizzas at NYPD

Pizza. One of the planet's greatest foods.

And what made NYPD's pizza the best I have ever had is that it was heaving with toppings: Olives, jalapeno peppers, feta cheese and pineapple (Italians wouldn't call it a pizza though 😂).
Wow it was good. However I could barely finish it. I had to have it for breakfast. The crust was so well made as well. It was crispy and thick. Mmmmmm.....

1.  Pancakes at IHOP

American Pancakes are the best pancakes on earth. IHOP pancakes are sooo nice it breaks in your mouth immediately and the blueberries go soooo well with the pancakes. It comes in 4's and and is stuffed with blueberries as well as having them on top. This is one of the main reasons i want to go back to America.

Thank you for reading my top 10.

However, there is more.  Is it possible to be better than number one?  Number One Star? Because Beth's Burgers in Orlando is sooo good it needs its own post.  I'll do it soon. Be sure to check it out.

Maliq the good eater

Monday 15 May 2017

Top 10 Orlando Eats: 10-6

In the holidays I went on an amazing trip to Orlando in the sunshine state (Florida).

Here are numbers 10-6 on my top ten list of everything I ate there.  My top 5 will be revealed next week

10.  Hot Chocolate at IHOP

IHOP is a restaurant also know as the International House of Pancakes and this is the final hot chocolate I had there. I had the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted the first two times but this one beat them all. It was BIG and tasty. Every time we went there we played noughts and crosses and it became the game to play whenever we were waiting for anything😄

9. Funnel cake at Disney World

This is the funnel cake at Disney World. It is basically a deep fried doughnut with powdered sugar on top. It is the best thing to eat at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. It is dead easy to make if you have the right equipment. All you do is deep fry the dough and add powdered sugar on top👍

8. Noodles at a place whose name I forgot

To be honest I dont know what the place is called. All  I know is that it was in the Japanese section of EPCOT and it was good! The top dish was the main dish I had which was beef udon. I am sure you know what shredded beef is so I won't explain. However I will say that the udon is just thick noodles. The bottom dish is Miso soup. Miso soup is just soup and tofu. We were entertained by beautiful Japanese drumming.

7. Churro at Universal Studios

These aren't your ordinary churros. These are American churros. They are long, thick and full of sugar. They are heated up and are lovely to eat. These are sold all around Universal world resort.  And that's my sister Aisha.

6. Turkey leg at Universal studios 

What I am eating is a GIANT turkey leg. It is lovely and is sold where the churros are. All there is to say about this is that it is BIG, NICE and hard to finish. My family couldn't finish a whole one.

Be sure to stay tuned for the Top 5

Maliq the good eater