Sunday 23 July 2017

Chinatown Food Tour

Welcome to my 'day out in China Town' blog!!!

I went to a special food tour around London's Chinatown to celebrate London Food Month. We went to 5 restaurants one of which was more of a small dishes place. I went with my neighbour Andrew, another food enthusiast. ENJOY!!!

Before I start talking about the food and places we went to visit I want to introduce you to the guy that took us on this tour. KS is a New Zealand guy who loves food and is a well-known Instagrammer. He decided to put on this tour because the Chinese community brings so much food to london and it needed to be celebrated. He took us to many places and ran it in a very friendly way.

This duck dish at Jin Li is obviously a sharing meal. I personally don't like duck too much but this one is chewy in a nice way.  It gets a very nice seasoning type flavour when it is eaten with the chilli broth.

Now this one at Dumplings Legend was the best of all. As I said on Instagram, it's a boring name but a mind-blowing dish. Its broth goes exceptionally well with the sea bass. The sea bass is tender and the taste flourishes in your mouth. I recommend it to anybody going to dumpling legend. Great eat.

Finally we stopped at Bake in Soho and had bubble waffles in the shapes of fish with vanilla and green tea ice cream. The waffles are made like normal ones in a stencil the shape of a fish.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and i would reccomend all the restaurants mentioned and the tour if it happens again but be quick the tickets sell out quick.

Maliq the good eater

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