Sunday 1 October 2017

Sri Lankan dinner at Blackfriars Settlement

I am sure that by reading the title you recognise the name Blackfriars Settlement from somewhere. Well it is the same place I had the Italian charity food dinner earlier this year and which inspired me to make my own pesto at home. It's a local charity near where I live.

Head over to my Italian food blog post and learn all about the Blackfriars Settlement and my adventures making pesto

The dinner was another fundraiser for what they used to call Older peoples' services but it is now called Positive Ageing @ Blackfriars.

Well first lets start off with the starters! For starters I had a scrumptous mutton roll which quite reminded me of a soft mutton spring roll. I also had a samosa which I dipped in Tina's Homemade Chilli Sauce which was a wonder of a chilli sauce. The samosa pastry was perfect I have to say. It wasnt too crunchy ar too soft.  This was good for me as I have braces haha.

Tina's Homemade Chilli Sauce was a delight savour in my mouth. It was very spicy but just right. The flakes weren't too soft like you get in the local Chinese shop.

Then Ihad my favourite dish of the night. The dhal. I love lentils and the taste of lentils were so prominent I almost fell in love with it. Thirdly, i ate the okra which reminded me of my trip to Guinea, which I blogged about back in January. The chilli seasoning on it was world class i have to say.

There was loads of food to choose from. For example, aubergine curry and soya curry and devilled beef which were all delicious

The band was amazing too and it was Tina's nephew who was the lead and they played everything from traditional Sri Lankan to the newest hits like Despacito and Shape of You.

I want to say a big thank you to the Blackfriars Settlement for providing this food for me and I also want to thank the cooks too. And of course the one and only Tina, who you can see with me here, who gave me some of her chilli sauce to take away.

There are some more photos of the Sri Lankan dinner on Instagram at @maliqthegoodeater including this one of my whole family feeding our faces!

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